Terra Nova

UE4 Dynamic World Creation System

I created a terrain and environment engine for use in photo realistic city building and sandbox games. The philosophy of the industry has been shifting from static assets to procedural assets and textures. I want to bring that same philosophy to the player's hand and allow the player to create a triple A quality world.

Terrain Engine

A flexible terrain engine that can procedurally generate a landscape according to the player’s configuration. It also allows for sculpting and the creation of lakes.

Sculpting Tools

A flexible set of tools that allows the player to mould the terrain to their desired specification.

Road & Path drawing

An extendable road creation system that relies on splines to create roads in a user-friendly way. These roads also communicate with the landscape and foliage engines to really embed them into the environment.

The Visual Aspect

I made the entire thing look as close to a triple A terrain crafted by an experience environment artist as possible. This includes realistic lighting, atmosphere, clouds, and flexible and varied material

Foliage System

A system that creates natural looking foliage population into the world. It places foliage on smart places throughout the terrain. It clusters trees like in the real world and adapts when the terrain changes.


The UI and camera interaction pull everything together in an easy to navigate way scene.

Throughout the entire project the main focus has been on easy extendibility of the system and optimization.


Personal Work


2 Months

Software Used
  • Visual Studio C++
  • Unreal Editor 4
  • Substance Designer
  • Speed Tree