Golden Dawn

UE4 Game Environment

I wanted to make an enticing main menu screen for a fictional game.
Amazing caves in Vietnam inspired me and offered interesting lighting options, so that's what I went for.
I used zBrush to sculpt the rocks and architecture, also the cave.
Substance Designer was used for the tiling textures and I enhanced them with some UE4 material magic.
On the props I used Substance Painter and UE4 materials.
For the vegetation I decided on SpeedTree, I used items from their excellent library as a base and modified them to fit my scene, as time was limited.


Personal Work

Awards & Picks

Artstation Staff Pick


70 Hours

Software Used
  • Rocks & Architecture : Z-Brush + Substance Painter
  • Unwrapping: 3D-Coat
  • Tiling Textures: Substance Designer
  • Foliage: Speedtree
  • Effects & Materials: Unreal Editor 4